Meet The Team: Stephen D McCulloch

Stephen D McCulloch
PWDA President and Founder / Principle Investigator

McCulloch is an internationally recognized marine mammal health and welfare specialist with five decades of service to the zoological, research and conservation communities. A recipient of numerous international awards for excellence in conservation, education, and advancements in research, Steve has twice been a nominated finalist to receive the world's most prestigious conservation award, the Indianapolis Prize. For his pioneering research, and dedication to rescue and rehabilitate dolphins, whales, and sea turtles, Steve has also earned recognition from State and Federal agencies, and was recently featured in the Aquatic Mammals Journal’s ‘Historical Perspectives Changing Oceans – Changing Planets Series”.
With a focus on Ocean and Human health, Steve has authored more than forty scientific publications, led seventeen successful health and environmental risk assessments, passed legacy legislation, and raised more than seventy-million dollars to support marine conservation programs in three coastal states. His award-winning images have appeared in National Geographic, American Scientist, and Nature magazines, and contributed to Oscar and Emmy award-winning documentaries. In his consulting role, Steve directs projects involving the health and welfare of marine mammals in human care, conservation of wild populations, advancement of research technologies and support for global stranding networks.  
As President and Founder of PWDA, Steve serves to provide leadership, experience and innovation that encourage development of multi-disciplinary programs with the goal of establishing a One Ocean One Health Center  (1O1H) Marine Mammal Teaching Hospital (MMTH.).