It is the goal of the Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance to provide funding from each state specialty license plate to those authorized organizations who serve on the front lines to rescue, educate, conserve and Protect Marine Wildlife.

The formula is simple, the more specialty plates we have, the more funding can be awarded.  

We’ve strived to keep the application process simple, and transparent as possible. 

Please note, funding from each plate can only be used in that State.   

If you wish to submit a small grants request, please follow the instructions to submit an application for the state you intend to work in.

Note: PWDA is unable to accept grant requests that include any Indirect Costs (IDC). 

  • Florida

    ​The annual use fees from sales of the Florida 'Protect Marine Wildlife' license plate will be distributed to the Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance, Inc., to be used to fund its conservation, research, and educational programs that focus on the conservation of Florida’s threatened and protected marine wildlife species. 

    Download the Form Here 
  • Louisiana

    ​The monies received from the royalty fees from the Louisiana 'Protect Wild Dolphins' special plate shall be used solely for the support of scientific research, conservation, and educational programs that serve to restore and protect the ocean environment and freshwater systems and to protect wild dolphins. 

    Download the Form Here 
  • South Carolina

    Proceeds from the South Carolina 'Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance' specialty license plate will be used to provide research, conservation, and educational programs to protect wild dolphins.

    Download the Form Here