Meet The Team: Dr. Holli Eskelinen

Dr. Holli Eskelinen, Ph.D.
Doctor of Psychology, PWDA Scientific Advisor

Since 1998, Dr. Holli Eskelinen has conducted and published research on marine mammal behavior, cognition, acoustics, energetics, nutrition, clinical reference intervals of health and most notably, for research to develop and define a Welfare Assessment Index for captive bottlenose dolphins.  Her work is well documented in more than 37 scientific publications and has been presented at numerous international conferences. Holli embraces the role of scientist, caretaker and educator as is evident by her continued commitments to non-invasive research, field work and her role as educator at both University of Southern Mississippi and University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, where she serves on the committees of numerous graduate students. Holli also serves as the Managing Director of Research for Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responders non-profit organization and scientific advisor for the Protect Wild Dolphins Alliance.