Meet The Team: Mark Trimm

Mark Trimm

Mark Trimm is a respected member within the zoological, research and conservation communities. With four decades of experience, Mark has developed skills in nearly every aspect of the zoological industry, including the design and implementation  of regulatory compliant marine mammal facilities. His experience includes the care and management of more than 25 species of marine and terrestrial mammals, including Killer whales, belugas, and polar bears. Mark started his career working to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured manatee and cetaceans with the renowned veterinarian pathologist Dr. Gregory Bossart. Later he would serve in behavioral management and curatorial positions to oversee programs for numerous marine park facilities in the U.S. Mark also participated in numerous dolphin health and environmental risk assessments in Florida and South Carolina. With specialized experience, Mark has played key roles with the numerous special projects, including the United Nations Oil Response in the Persian Gulf, innovative Manatee research in South America and the rehabilitative care for whales in China, where he helped rescue and coordinate the transport of (7) sea-lions from China to the U.S. Mark also possesses the ability to design and implement regulatory compliant marine mammal facilities and life support systems. Throughout his career Mark has attained a high degree of knowledge throughout the zoological field and is always looking to expand his knowledge base through collaboration with others in the field.