Meet The Team: Captain Michael Howard, USN SEAL (Ret)

Captain Michael Howard, USN SEAL (Ret)

 Michael is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Navy SEAL having served over 26 years on active service. He spent many years in and around the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf regions. He was one of the first Navy SEALs to become an Acquisition Professional and served many years in Research and Development, with an emphasis on undersea mobility. Upon retirement from active service, he served 8 years as the Executive Director and COO of the National Navy SEAL Museum. For more than two decades, Michael has provided support, and participated in numerous marine mammal projects including multiple health and environmental risk assessments, multi-agency interventions, marine mammal transports, photo ID surveys, rehabilitative care, necropsies, and in doing so has made numerous contributions to international conservation research programs. His first book "The Lightning and the Gale" was published in 2022. Michael and his family currently reside in Vero Beach.